Hi, I'm Jesus A Lugo Jr



I'I was born in Yuma, Az, and raised in Gadsden, Az, where I currently reside.


I have experience in healthcare, mental health, substance abuse, immigration, law , and government. I have a bachelor's degree in political science. I'm a politician that has experiences working with people and for the people of my community.  I’m running because I have a goal, and my goal is to represent the values of my community. I will bring leadership to district 23, which will improve the lives of working families, children, the elderly, the sick, and the poor. I will be a leader that will bring our people together and make us stronger. The issues that matter to me are education, mental health, and substance abuse. I will also fight to provide more resources for our middle class. 


Equality Meets Opportunity

The reason why I decided to run as a state representative is because I represent the values, morals, and work ethic of my community.  I been involved with the Yuma Democratic Party for over 10 years. I remember being 13 years old and attending a Yuma Democrat meeting with my dad, Jesse Lugo, seeing our party coming together to develop solutions to improve our community. It influenced me to pursue my dream of becoming a state representative. I represent the South County and Yuma County. I live in Gadsden, Arizona and have lived in Gadsden, Az for over 23 years. I’m part of this community. I represent the values of this community; the values of unity; the values of hard-working people; and family values. I went to San Luis middle school and FourthAvenue Junior High School, and graduated from San Luis High School. I started my political career when I was 18 years old, becoming a leader in a non-profit organization here in Yuma county registering people to vote and advocating for minority. I’m part of this community. My first job was working in the field. It made me understand and acknowledge the values and determination of the people in our community. It made me understand that I came from a unique and strong community with strong values.